Lash lifting

Botox for eyelashes is a remedy for damaged hair. It nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes with its therapeutic composition.
Botox can be used as a stand-alone treatment to repair damaged eyelashes, or as a step in an eyelash lamination treatment – the beneficial substances will then last by sealing them inside the lash under a thin film.
Choose an elixir with hydrolyzed keratin and collagen, tocopherol, and vitamin complex, such as those from Lovely, the market leader in natural lash treatments.

Composition for eyelash lamination №1 «Lifting», 5 ml

The composition for lamination №1 has the lifting function.
It makes eyelashes more flexible and elastic.
A convenient pump option is economical for use.

Composition for eyelash lamination №2 «Volume», 5 ml

The composition for lamination №2 gives volume and fixing the lash shape.
The product is available in an airless pump bottle that prevents unnecessary wasting.
How to use: apply the composition to the eyelashes by moving 2 mm from the roots. The exposure time of the composition is 5-10 minutes.

Lash Botox, 5 ml

Lash Botox is used in one of lamination procedure steps.
Botox should be applied after tinting and before the final composition for lamination.
Botox gel Lovely nourishes the natural eyelashes and provides long lasting volume and natural shine.

Botox for eyelashes B-active, 5 ml

Essential assistant for lash lamination masters and all the clients who like to keep their lashes beautiful and in excellent shape.
B-Active has a double effect on the eyelashes: it gives them a remarkable look and makes their structure stronger.
The product ingredients include natural components that deeply nourish the eyelashes and restore them.

Adhesive for eyelash lamination «Force», 5 ml" - 20 lines

Reliably fixes eyelashes for the lash lifting procedure.
Apply with reusable silicone rollers for curling and lash lamination.
Glue quickly gets dry and fixes the eyelashes.

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