What Are The Many Benefits Of Our Eyelash Extensions?

The benefits of eyelash extensions include long, beautiful lashes, which is what virtually every woman wants: longer, fuller, and flyer lashes.
However, many women can’t find the right eyelash mascara and find wearing strip lashes excessively difficult.
Well… “Eyelash extensions” are an easy fix.
If you want longer and more beautiful lashes, our team is trained to help you…
Lovely-Professional specializes in custom eyelash extensions and we are more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact our team of experienced stylists at any time!
We are here to help you achieve your ideal look.

The advantages of our eyelash extensions

If you have tried the individual lashes before and had a horrible experience where they pulled out your natural lashes or damaged them in any way, it is simply an indication that they were not applied professionally.
We take special care in the application of eyelash extensions at Lovely-Professional, and we know very well, if the individual eyelash extensions are not properly bonded to your natural lashes or, if they are not applied properly, the lashes may fall out sooner. And much more, when eyelash extensions are applied incorrectly or with too much adhesive, they can irritate your eyes and damage your natural lashes.
This step-by-step eyelash tutorial will help you determine whether or not eyelashes are right for you.
Individual lash extensions are definitely one of the biggest beauty fads at Lovely-Professional.

Eyelash extensions "Silicone" - 6 lines Mix

Eyelashes are made of high-quality fiber, elastic, and have a round basis on the cut.
“Silicone” eyelashes have a soft natural shine and short tips.
They keep their shape perfectly while wearing.

Remember that time someone stared into your eyes and you couldn’t look away? Well… that’s what our lashes can do for you!
If you’ve always wanted long, beautiful lashes, “lash extensions” are a must in your cosmetic treatments.
With so many celebrities and bloggers offering us endless makeup and lash inspiration, it’s no surprise that classic lashes and natural glam lashes remain very popular.
So let’s move on to the many benefits of lash extensions:

  • Our eyelash extensions give your natural lashes more volume;
  • Our eyelash extensions enhance your eyes and your overall appearance;
  • Our eyelash extensions make your lashes appear longer;
  • Our eyelash extensions lengthen your lashes and draw attention to your beautiful eyes;
  • Our eyelash extensions do not require the use of mascara;
  • Our eyelash extensions are not harmful to your natural lashes;
  • Our eyelash extensions are water resistant;
  • Our eyelash extensions are light and give a natural look;
  • Our eyelash extensions make your natural lashes look fuller;
  • Our eyelash extensions offer a distinct and attractive appearance;

Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions

At Lovely-Professional, we understand that time is money!
That’s why we’ve tried to compile a list of frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions.
We are aware of the benefits of eyelash extensions, so…
Our highly trained team has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions.
So let’s get to the most frequently asked questions…

  1. What type of eyelash extensions can I get?

There are several types of lashes, ranging from synthetic lashes (silk or mink) to vegan lashes.
You, as a client, can choose from sizes ranging from 6 to 17mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 0.25mm.
Our experienced Lovely-Professional staff will help you choose the ideal lashes for you.

  1. How long does the lash application process take?

Well… If we are talking about a full application.
The method of applying a full set of lashes for classic lashes can take between an hour and a half and two hours. And the application of a half-set takes between 40 and 60 minutes, while voluminous lashes take longer.
We recommend that you arrive without makeup on the day of your consultation.

  1. How often should I reschedule my appointment?

After a full application, the next appointment is the “lash filling” appointment…
Therefore, the filling appointment will take between 2 and 4 weeks. The natural growth and fall of your eyelashes means that the extensions will gradually come off.
Your eyelash extensions, like gel nails, must be refreshed regularly.

  1. How long does a full set of eyelash extensions last?

Consider that you have had “lash fills” or “touch-ups” over the course of 2 to 3 weeks… The entire set of lash extensions will then last 6 to 9 weeks.
Every 2 to 4 weeks, we encourage “touch-up” sessions.

  1. What if I am allergic to eyelash glue?

This is why we offer a free eyelash consultation with a patch test…
During this time, you will be asked a few questions, some of which will be about allergies.
The patch test is necessary because several types of glues are used throughout the application method, and we want to make sure they do not create an allergic response.
Patch testing is necessary because several types of glues are used throughout the application method, and we want to make sure they do not create an allergic response.
You may be curious about eyelash extensions…
If so, you can always give us a call and talk to one of our lash stylists…

Become a partner

Why choose Lovely-Professional for your eyelash extensions?

It’s not a problem if you don’t have thick, long lashes…
Lovely-Professional can help you achieve the look you want and that is beyond reproach…
So here’s a list of ten reasons why you should choose us:

  1. We increase the volume and fullness of your natural lashes;
  2. We offer a free comprehensive lash consultation;
  3. We use vegan and cruelty-free lashes;
  4. We offer customized and unique lash extension styles.
  5. We’ll help you feel more confident whether you wear makeup or not.
  6. We will help you save time in achieving a perfect look.
  7. We apply light lashes that you can wear every day;
  8. We offer professional application services. Therefore, no sticky lashes that clump;
  9. We listen to your desires and needs and allow you to choose your own length;
  10. We will make you feel unique by highlighting your lashes;

Our goal is to help you achieve the precise look you desire!
We provide classic lashes, voluminous lashes, fillers, full sets, and a variety of other services…

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Gel remover Lovely with the aroma of Aloe, 15g

Special product for removing the lash extensions.
Thanks to its ingredients, remover dissolves the glue perfectly, provides fast and efficient lash removal.
During the removing procedure, it doesn’t spread around.

Cream-remover Lovely with the aroma Aloe, 15g

Thanks to its ingredients, remover dissolves the glue perfectly, provides fast and efficient lash removal.
During the removing procedure, it doesn’t spread around.
It does not cause allergies.

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